Friday, February 19, 2010

Today's BR Link & Enter Contest!

Today's Bible Reading chapters are:

Genesis 10 and 11

here's the link :)
-ENTER 180BRG Contest! For Fun & Prizes!-
"180 BRG, Read to be heard Contest"

Submit a video or audio of yourself reading only the first chapter of Genesis, over any music or soundtrack of your choice. You can submit video or audio
Submission deadline: From February 15, to  March 14th, 2010

What the judges will be looking for:
"Bringing freshness back" to the reading of Genesis 1.

Genesis 1 is the most read chapter of the Bible, but it's the most boring, not because of its content, but because it's just one of those chapters people want to get through. But this shouldn't be?! God only created heavens and the earth on it! !! It should be exciting, exhilarating, and interesting!!! So, you think you can make all those emotions happen just by reading it? Submit your entries. 
You may be the winner! First place winner will "WIN A BIBLE!" Second place winner will win a "Journal," and third place winner will win a book- mark designed by one of our very own 180 designers!"

You can also enter this contest as a small group for the prize of a "group dinner party" being cooked for you from one of our very own 180 chefs! But for this, you must enter in a submission of 2 chapters: chapter 1 and a chapter of your group's choice.

Enter now! All questions, reservations and submissions to:

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  1. A lot of names and numbers. Skim Skim Skim. But, Abraham shows up in chapter 11. Things are about to get very interesting!